4 X Rude / Offensive Bars

4 X Rude / Offensive Bars

4 x 110g Chocolate Bars with custom wrappers


Pick 4 of the following bars:


Waker Bar (Includes Golden Ticket), Arse, Cunty, Fucker, Gay Bar, Milky Nickers, Minge, Moist, S & M, Swinger, Twat, Arsehole, Bellend, Clit, Cock, Farties, Finger Me, Flaps, Knobhead, Lick Me Out, Porkie, Babe, Baldy, Chav, Ginge, Grumps, Grumpy, Halfwit, Minger, Numbnuts, Old Fart, Troll, Cock Womble, Dick Head, Dip Shit, Fuck Face, Milf, Piss Face, Tiny Titties, Tits, Titties, Gob Shite, Tosser 



All our Chocolate bars are 110 grams Galaxy Smooth Milk.


Food products are unable to be returned, however if the item is damaged or unsatisfactory, please contacts us and we will happily replace the or refund the item.


* Order two or more bars and receive free delivery

* All orders will be dispatched within 1 working day

* Estimated delivery time is between 3-5days.



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